Report from the state senator's office on an admissions crisis in the state's public college of art:
  • Whether subcommittees labor in secret to upgrade the state art college's accommodations to reality, which in this case is not a pretty one, namely the reality contained in the existence of a pill—an expensive pill—for creativity,
  • the situation, and the advisability of withdrawing public funds from the institution in its centennial year,
  • the demonstrated interest of private corporations in assuming the burden of funding,
  • these many millions saved for other purposes,
  • yet the benefits to the economy of maintaining control for purposes of copyright,
  • the entirely probable scenario of relocation to another state should control be relinquished,
  • then the question of what to do with the faculty when what is required is not conversation, but training, at the lower levels, training and the enforcement of application to technique, and at the higher levels enforced stillness in a darkened room, while the large things become clear to the mind's eye.
Narcotized young creatures of vision, Cloak their angel wings, the varieties of tethering to earth their media, what plummets back, their productions, talent their hierarchies, their good, to get out of emotional states.