Cold northern city of saurian-limbed women in unpressed linen ensembles.
Smart fish veiling behind modesty and years of companionable schooling the success of their attempts to shrink the pond.
Seeding the schools to stock them with glittering art stars, all the nets come up full, an impression of teeming with photogenic youth.
Girls with basenji frowns.
A per capita excess of charisma.
The school psychologist taking notes on the freshman exhibition, planning ahead.
Photographs of the dead, their forgotten freckles.
Notes from the investigations by State Senator Que Isaye into the matter of Cloak,
into the question of undue advantage being enjoyed in the admissions process at the state-funded college of art by students "on" Cloak:
  • by students privileged to live in communities served by HMO's where the drug is routinely prescribed, often under its sobriquet Teen Ritalin Plus
  • and by others who, having learned of its effects and being ambitious for admission, have acquired it illegally.
Out of the blue—the blue indeed, the blue—as if we were planets, each surrounded by a life-sustaining veil of atmosphere—what balls, to deny the many planes and all the intersections.