Soloi in Cilicia, where Attic colonists took up speaking what the Athenians deemed a corrupt Greek,
Soloi the root and soil of solecism—a nonstandard usage or grammatical construction;
also rude, improper—
what were the entertainments of Soloi?
Say in Soloi (even if in closed chairs as they sped on others' legs through the crowded brown Cilician streets, late for the theater, some daydreamed of Athens, sucking perfumed air through handkerchiefs and fists of rings pictured arriving at some festival, everyone so glad to see them back safely from that awful place), but say the administering Athenians were mostly held in disesteem around Soloi, and the entertainments they imported mostly not enjoyed—
say Fate was remembered as an unregretted fad, say the fireworks farce of chance held sway in the later homegrown entertainments of Soloi—

No more plotting for propitious times
the stars have stopped ordaining dynasties.
Soloi in Cilicia, where runaway oracles slum.

Say in Soloi raw contingency gusting turned the painted sails of entertainment's local manufacture and raised the dust from junk to be made new.