The three great dormitories of Girls School are widely spaced across a tree-filled campus in which the smaller, more elegant and ivied classroom buildings, chapels, halls, laboratories, libraries and seats of administration vie for the attention of photographers seeking mementos of the American picturesque. Admissions tour guides like Constance become expert in suggesting camera angles to the many visitors who experience the dormitories as an immediate and crushing visual offense. Mammoth, sooty, seedy, unadorned, they seem to lumber into the viewfinders of the unwary with malicious intent, so hideous as to be too easily ignored until--in the darkroom or in the car outside the Photomat--it is too late. Officially, the three dormitories are known as West Residence, North Residence and East Residence, but everyone at Girls School calls them Chicken Coop, Vice and Damnation. All new students are assigned to West Residence, whose ground and first floors are included in Admissions tours; prospective students, parents and potential benefactors are never shown the interiors of North and East Residences and some care is taken that certain visitors not see East Residence at all, particularly during warm weather.

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